3 Adhd Symptoms Normally Observed In Children

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Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, often referred to as ADHD,appears to be approaching epidemic proportions as more and more children in the US are diagnosed. Luckily, there are important distinctions between normal behavior in children and those with ADHD symptoms, even though the symptoms can vary. It is often unnecessary for a parent to be concerned that their child has ADHD, even if they have a short attention span. Having a short attention span however, is common among preschool aged children. Luckily a short attention span is not how to diagnose ADHD, instead it is on what holds their attention and their level of interest. This article discusses three common ADHD symptoms in children.

There are quite a few forms of behavior you should focus on if you suspect your child may have ADHD. In addition, each behavior has qualities that will help you determine if the behavior fits. Pervasive and highly consistent inattentiveness and lack of focus will be present in many areas for a child with ADHD. It may present itself through the appearance of 'bouncing' from one thing to the next. The behavior may appear as hyperactivity or even a form of compulsion. This behavior will remain consistent in your child for a period of six months or more. Behavior over this long of a time frame should be discussed with your physician.

Symptoms for ADHD are classified in three different groups. Furthermore, these categories can be described or classified according to different kinds of behavior. The first category is the Hyperactive or Impulsive type of ADHD which actually is the classical ADHD condition. ADD or Attention Deficit disorder is the classical term for the second category of the Inattentive type. Finally, the third category is the combination of the two or the Combined type - inattentiveness and hyperactivity.

An accurate diagnosis of ADHD of child takes observation of multiple symptoms. A professional will know what symptoms and the time frame need for each to make a proper diagnosis. Also, look at the relationships the child is involved in, especially if their are problems within them. Relationships with children or adults can be affected. It is vital that this behavior is observed over a long time frame like six months.

Behavior that is observed over and over, for a period of time, is more likely to lead to a diagnosis of ADHD. Before and ADHD diagnosis is made, the behavior should be observed for over a 6 month time frame. A professional evaluation is the next stage for a child who reaches this criteria, then on to the assessment stage. Your doctor is the best place to start, and they may refer your child onto a specialist..
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3 Adhd Symptoms Normally Observed In Children

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This article was published on 2010/12/10