ADHD and Its Medications

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People must know that there are medications for ADHD. In every sickness, disease, or disorder, it is proper to have doctor's prescription and help. You're putting yourself at risk once you self medicate or do things on your own.

In cases of ADHD, it is important to seek a doctor's advice especially in giving medications. According to studies, the use of medication in an ADHD child is the most effective method to get a result and improvement in a child's capacity to think, learn, focus, and improve their behavior. One of the reasons is because there are supports that an ADHD child needs that can't be seen in other places such as school because the teacher may somehow find it hard to focus on one child alone and ignore the others. There are also cases that the support from family members themselves is hard to find. On the other hand, there are children that are under a certain medication that they don't even need.

Remember that the treatment alone will not make the problem go away, but proper medication can help improve your child's behavior. And in cases that it is stopped, the difficulties in your child's behavior may come back. However, you take notice that the change and learning that the child possessed during the medication period might make the behavior problems lessen or minimized even until as your child become older.

According to studies and research, the most commonly used medications for ADHD are the methylphenidate and dexamphetamine.

a. Methylphenidate belongs in a class of medications called central nervous system or the CNS stimulants. It functions by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in a person's brain. It is used as a part of a treatment program to control symptoms of ADHD such as difficulty in focusing, controlling their actions, and keeping still or quiet compared to other people who are at the same age.

b. Dexamphetamine is a medication that increases the neurotransmitters availability and the release in the brain whose balance controls the depression. This medication is widely used in children with ADHD.

Though these medications are used and are known to be safe for over a lot of years, make certain that in taking these medications you consult your doctor. The right dosage and timing must be complied. Take note also of the side effects of each medication.

During cases that negative reaction occur when giving these medications to an ADHD patient such hypersensitivity, report to your physician immediately.

Following side - effects may include:

- Sleep disturbance.

- Jaw clenching and grinding teeth.

- Loss of appetite, hands shaking, sexual problems.

- anxiety, irritability, mood swings.

- Increased heart rate and blood pressure, palpitations, dizziness.

- In rare cases: - Addiction, paranoid feelings, psychotic symptoms, convulsions.

In cases that these side -effects became a problem, go back to your doctor. In this situation, they usually manage this by changing the type, amount and time of taking the medication. Always ask your doctor regarding the right dosage. Usually in this treatment, take it first to the lowest dosage that is effective, for the treatment may be needed for long periods.

In whatever sickness or disease, right medication, dosage and timing is important. Whenever this is given to these ADHD children, there will be around 80% of these children that will gain some benefit from it according to research.

Remember, if any concerns arise in your mind regarding giving medications for your ADHD child, always go directly to your physician for more details.

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ADHD and Its Medications

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