ADHD Treatment - Considering All of the Alternatives

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Alternative methods for add and ADHD treatment have started cropping up in recent years as more and more parents have become disenchanted with the use of standard, stimulant based medications. There is reason for this concern, as standard medications are not without their serious drawbacks. If your child has add/ADHD, why not consider all of the alternatives?

Standard add/ADHD treatments have always centered on masking the main symptoms of the disorder. These include lack of concentration, hyperactivity, distractability and impulsiveness, all of which can make even the simplest of daily tasks a struggle. The add and ADHD alternatives which have recently been developed focus instead on the underlying cause for long term results.

Not only do stimulant based medications fail to address the underlying cause, they also carry serious side effects. All of which makes them less than ideal as a form of treatment. Instead, alternative methods for add and ADHD treatment, including dietary changes, behavior management and homeopathic remedies, work to correct the neurological imbalance which causes add/ADHD.

Though not all add and ADHD alternatives will work for every individual, usually some combination of them will bring about a significant change in behavior. One of the easiest and most direct forms of treatment is making changes to the diet. Eliminating natural stimulants such as sugar and caffeine and cutting back on wheat and refined carbohydrates have all been shown to have a calming effect.

Among the other alternative methods for add and ADHD treatment is behavior management. Auditory feedback and neurofeedback have both been used to help children control their brain activity and stimulate concentration. Massage therapy, yoga and other relaxation techniques allow children to naturally calm themselves and control hyperactive behavior.

One of the most exciting add and ADHD alternatives is the use of homeopathic remedies. Made from a special blend of herbs and other plant based substances, these products are designed to address the neurological imbalances that cause add/ADHD, rather than just mask surface symptoms. This makes them much more effective, as they can provide thorough and lasting results.

With safe, gentle ingredients such as Hyoscyamus, Arsen iod, and Tuberculinum, homeopathic remedies can calm hyperactivity, improve focus, and reduce impulsive and erratic behavior. And most importantly, these alternative methods for add and ADHD carry none of the serious side effects of standard medications, making them much safer.

Add/ADHD can come in many shapes and forms, so why try and use just one type of treatment? Every child is unique and as an informed parent, you should be open to finding the right method of treatment for your child. Don't buy into the one size fits all mentality, consider all the alternatives and put your child on the right path to healing today.

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ADHD Treatment - Considering All of the Alternatives

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This article was published on 2010/03/31