Guidelines for Managing ADHD

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Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder make their life more challenging and demanding. It is difficult for them to stay focus and to pay attention to details that leads to panic and anxiety attack. But everyone with ADHD can make themselves act like normal by following some techniques and guidelines in managing their symptoms. They have the chance to be productive in their work, develop skills that can help make their work effectively, interact with others in the society and environment, at home and in relationships.

Being impulsive and disorganize, adult with ADHD may have problems in their sleeping pattern, lack of nutritional intakes, lot of stress, and bad moods. The best way to avoid these problems are creating healthy practices like eating a well balanced diet, getting a peaceful sleeping pattern , and doing exercises every day.

Eating nutritious food is helpful in reducing hyperactivity and destructibility. ADHD adult must eat small meals everyday. They also must avoid sugar, increase protein intake and fewer carbohydrates. For getting plenty of sleep, they must take a hot shower before bedtime and avoid foods that contain caffeine and must have a sleep and have a wake time routine every day.

For getting enough exercise, they must have an exercise buddy to make the work out enjoyable especially when done outdoors. And above all, they must practice relaxation techniques like listening to soft music and deep breathing exercise.

Another sign of ADHD is being disorganized at home, school and in work. It is possible to make them organize with their tasks by having reminders and planners. Making list of their activities and chores and follow them in systematic way to make things organize. Time management is important when organizing tasks. They must decide what activities or tasks to be done first and take things one at a time to avoid confusion and anxiety.

Issues in their relationship are the most affected in adult with ADHD because of not giving attention, forgetfulness and lack of control that lead to misunderstanding, violence and even separation. Enlightening their loved ones about ADHD and the behavior that may affects their social skills and interpersonal deeds can lessen the disagreement and separation with proper communication and interaction within the families and significant others. To interact keenly, they must be attentive, responsive, and able to control reckless behavior while in a conversation.

Then to have an effective communication, one party must listens keenly without interrupting, maintain an eye contact, ask questions or request to repeat when something is not clear.

The bottom line here is that there are ways that adults with ADHD can manage their conditions, act as normal people and have chances and hopes to live a better life.

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Guidelines for Managing ADHD

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This article was published on 2011/07/04