Symptoms of ADHD - Medications You Should Use for ADHD

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ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects a significant number of school age children. Ever since its discovery in the 1980s, the statistics are slowly increasing. It is just right for adults, most especially the parents and teachers to be well aware of the symptoms of ADHD.

Symptoms of ADHD

The three major symptoms of ADHD are inattention or distractibility, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Inattention or distractibility

Children with ADHD are easily distracted by the littlest of things. It is a known fact that they are fascinated by shiny objects. When they are in the classroom, they have trouble focusing their attention to the teacher's lesson and focusing their concentration on their school activities.

These children don't have attention to details and as a result, they make careless mistakes. Children with ADHD are also forgetful and disorganized. And because of their short attention span, they have difficulty seeing through a task to its finish.


The world of an ADHD child maybe a blur of activities. They usually prefer exhausting activities like running, climbing and jumping. It is almost impossible for them to do quiet activities that require prolonged thinking and sitting still.

If they are forced to sit still, they are always fidgeting and squirming and are anxious to get moving. For parents it may be difficult to get these kids to stand or sit still long enough to talk, feed or bathe them.


The impulsive behavior of children with ADHD is probably caused by their hypeactivity and inattention. In their bid to get to the next activity, they usually cut questions and answer it before it is finished. They also like to butt into other people's conversations.

Most of their actions are only spur of the moment actions. Although they might be aware of what they are doing, they can't control their behavior.

This is the reason why ADHD is such a frustration for many experts. They have not discovered the real cause of it and this is also why they have not yet found a cure to it. In most researches, everything is just trial and error.

The shaky grounds that ADHD is in haven't stopped science to find a treatment to it. The treatments may not be the cure but in more ways than one, it helps children with ADHD reduce their symptoms.

Pharmacological treatments are usually the first treatments that doctors will prescribe. Although this type of medication is helpful in reducing symptoms of ADHD, it can cause significant harm to children not used to taking potent drugs.

Many who have used this treatment experiences chronic headaches and stomachaches, involuntary tics, weight loss and insomnia. These side effects can even persist long after the children have stopped using this medication.

As a result, most parents have carefully considered using homeopathic remedies as an alternative medication. Homeopathic remedies are different because it uses safe ingredients such as Arsen Iod, Hyoscyamus and Tuberculinum.

Homeopathic remedies go beyond ADHD symptoms alleviating, it also improves the over all health condition of a child with ADHD.

The symptoms of ADHD should not remain untreated. But make sure that what you are giving your child are the safest and most effective medication.

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Symptoms of ADHD - Medications You Should Use for ADHD

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This article was published on 2010/04/03