Treating ADHD Without Medicine - 3 Facts About ADHD Treatment That You Must Know About

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Can you really succeed in raising a happy well balanced child by treating ADHD without medicine? This is the question that many parents have been forced to ask themselves, given the general alarm and discontent with the present psychostimulants (Ritalin, Vyvanse and Adderall) on the market to-day.

They are also beginning to ask awkward questions which the pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to answer. Let us look straightaway at the Center for Children and Families at the University at Buffalo where ADHD and other disorders have been studied and researched for many years now. The researchers here will help provide some of the answers to get us through the ADHD jungle.

The figures they have released talk about the usual 5% of children who have been diagnosed as having ADHD but they also mention another 5% who may have ADHD and have not been diagnosed because of ignorance or carelessness.

The work at this center has been led for many years now by Dr. William Pelham and Gregory Fabiano and their findings have helped thousands of parents to help their ADHD kids to grow up to be successful well balanced adults.

They have pointed out the following results of their research and here are the three facts that you must simply know about if you are considering treating ADHD without medicine.

1. There is far too much emphasis on the power of medication and it can only solve some of the problems. Medication can certainly relieve some of the symptoms of hyperactivity and fidgeting. It can help calm a child down and it can even help the child to pay more attention. But the effects of these medications can also be very negative and many parents are just unaware of these drawbacks.

2. They have advocated very strongly that medication should always be the last option. Treating ADHD without medicine can be done simply by using behavior therapy or effective parenting skills as the main treatment. Medicine in some form or other may be needed at times to calm the child but there is no need to use so much of it. In addition there are alternatives to conventional medicine which should also be actively considered.

3. The third fact that has come out of their research is that after about three years, the effects of the ADHD medicine begins to wear off and the child is back to square one. In the meantime, vital time has been lost and the child has not learnt any of the social, academic and coping skills which will make the real difference between success and failure.

The figures are startling. Dr William Pelham's research shows that 80% of parents would willingly choose ADHD behavior therapy over drug therapy if they had known about all the problems that the medicines can cause.

How about learning more about ADHD and no medicine? You do not want to be part of the 80% of parents who would have chosen a different route, if only they had known. Treating ADHD without medicine is a real possibility nowadays so now is the time to find out more. More and more parents are considering homeopathic remedies which have none of the nasty side effects of conventional medication.

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Treating ADHD Without Medicine - 3 Facts About ADHD Treatment That You Must Know About

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Treating ADHD Without Medicine - 3 Facts About ADHD Treatment That You Must Know About

This article was published on 2010/11/20